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Glam wigs and Beauty provides cleaning and styling services on your wigs or hair extensions, both human hair and synthetic hair. This service is to help the longevity of the hair, and give it a refresher to make it look healthy and new again.

SYNTHETIC HAIR:  If you bring your frizzy, dry, or lifeless hair into Glam wigs and Beauty we will wash and defrizz all of the dry looking fiber on your synthetic wig or hair piece.The service will add shine and body to any worn piece. We can make your hair look new again.

HUMAN HAIR:  For human hair services we provide a nice gentle cleanse and deep condition, while using top quality human hair products. All of our products are para-ban and sulfate free. Your human hair wig or extensions will have their moisture back and feel silky again. They will be styled to your preference after their deep condition.

Please allow for a 3 to 4 business day turn around time. This will allow us to make sure they are done properly and you are happy with your pick up.


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Wig Caps and their variety of constructions

Wig Caps and their variety of constructions

Different Wig Caps and Constructions Machine madeA machine made wig is a traditional wig cap similar to what your mother or grandmother may have worn back in the day. They consist of a thicker cap with perma-tease. However these wigs have come a long way since then...

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Hair pieces for volume

Hair pieces for volume

Have you ever wished you had a little more hair in the crown of your head or in the bang area? Maybe you even have that awful split that always shows in the back of your head? A little volume on top makes a huge difference in the way we look. It gives us that lift,...

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How to  wash your wig.

How to wash your wig.

One of the most common questions asked is, “How do I clean my wig?” To properly clean your wig you must first determine if your wig is synthetic fiber or human hair. If your wig is made with human hair, you will want to use a salon quality sulfate and paraben free...

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New to Wigs?

New to Wigs?

Let’s face it, if you are brand new to wigs, never thought about getting one or never had one, “not even for fun” it can be challenging or maybe even overwhelming. Try to relax, and realize how strong you really are and embrace the idea of something new that is...

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