Wig Caps and their variety of constructions

Wig Caps and their variety of constructions

Different Wig Caps and Constructions

Machine made
A machine made wig is a traditional wig cap similar to what your mother or grandmother may have worn back in the day. They consist of a thicker cap with perma-tease. However these wigs have come a long way since then and have improved in both weight and texture.

Lace front
A lace front wig will have a section of lace in the front of the wig that will mimic your own hairline. Depending on the designer of the wig this part may vary in size. Usually one two three inches.

Mono part
A mono part is a section of the wig that in the crown area has monofilament to mimic hair follicles. It may vary from middle to right or left. This part is permanent and cannot be changed.

Mono part lace front
This is a mono part paired with a lace front..see description above

This is a mesh or lace like material that is throughout the entire top of the wig. Each hair is placed one by one and is meant to mimic hair follicles. This is sometimes referred to as a natural scalp. The parting on this type of wig is multidirectional.

Double monofilament
This is a monofilament top with a layer of skin toned silk underneath to hide any knots that may be seen in a traditional monofilament. This flesh colored silk mimics your own scalp color. This may be referred to as a French or skin top

Monofilament with a lace front
This is a monofilament top with a lace front..see description above

Full lace
This is a wig that is composed of mostly lace and requires bonding or sewing to existing hair. Sometimes elastic bands are added for extra security.

Glueless full lace
This is a structured lace wig that doesn’t require much if any bonding to hair or skin.

Machine wefted
Machine wefted wigs are wigs that have rows or wefts sewn into the sides and back of the wig to create the style. This wig will have “holes” in between the wefts.

Hand tied
Hand tied wigs are wigs that the hair or fibers are sewn one by one to a soft lightweight piece of material. There are variations of this type of cap. There are some instances where wefts are sewn to a softer material