New to Wigs?

New to Wigs?

Let’s face it, if you are brand new to wigs, never thought about getting one or never had one, “not even for fun” it can be challenging or maybe even overwhelming.

Try to relax, and realize how strong you really are and embrace the idea of something new that is ultimately going to be easy and help you boost your looks and possibly even self confidence.

I would say there are 5 major things you really want to consider when it comes to your first purchase of a wig.

  • 1st being, what type of style do you want to be in?  Do you want to mimic the style you’ve had for years? Or are you looking for something new to spice it up a little?
  • 2nd thing to consider is, are you open to trying a new color? Are you that person who has always changed your look, or have you been wearing your hair the same shade for many years? Consider trying on some different tones to see what really looks good with your skin tone and face shape. That will help you determine where you want to be with your color.
  • 3rd thing to consider would be what type of price range do you want to be in? Wigs are going to have a very large range in pricing. A nice wig can range anywhere from $150.00 to $2,000. With that being said there is a lot to learn about wigs. The price is really going to vary based upon the cap construction and the hair quality of the wig that you choose.
  • Which brings me to the 4th thing you may want to consider while making your purchase. What type of cap construction would you prefer your wig to have? There are different types of wig caps available that offer many different natural features. You have your standard machine made wig, which has permatease and creates a lot of fullness. You have your wig with a lace front hairline that allows the hair to be worn off of the face. Other constructions consist of natural monofilament scalps, some full and some partial. Then you have your rolls Royce of wigs, those would be your hand made wig. They are extremely thin and lightweight. All of them can be great, it’s really a personal preference based upon your own needs.
  • Lastly, I think that the choice of hair fiber is important. There are two different types of synthetic fiber available in wigs. Traditional fiber, and heat stylable fiber. Human hair is also a very nice option to consider. Human hair wigs are going to last double the life of a synthetic and offer more styling flexibility. There are truly great benefits to synthetic hair and human hair as well.

With these five things in mind, to research and think about you will be able to make a better decision when it comes to your first purchase in a wig.

Come in to Glam Wigs so we can help assist with any of these questions you may have.