Do I need a wig or topper?
If your hair is thin at the crown a topper is best suited for your needs. They are available in many lengths colors and sizes.
What are the differences between Human Hair and Synthetic Fiber?
Human Hair looks and feels the most natural. The color can be altered to match closely to your biological hair if desired. Human hair can be heat styled. Human hair requires styling after cleansing. If taken proper care of, human hair can last around a year.

Synthetic Fiber is usually made of a durable acrylic. It is wash and wear, so very easy for the on the go gal. Synthetic fiber holds the style even after washing. This fiber cannot be heat styled.

Heat Friendly Synthetic fiber is usually made from polyester and can be styled with hot tools. Different heat friendly styles require different temperature settings so be sure to check before applying heat.

Human Hair and Synthetic Blends combine the versatility of human hair with the ease of synthetic. They have a natural feel and look as well as hold the style even after being cleansed.

Can I color my wig?
Synthetic wigs come in a wide variety of colors and cannot be colored.
100% human hair wigs can be colored to a degree. Please consult a professional wig colorist to schedule a consultation.
Can I wear my wig to exercise or swim?
Swimming in wigs or hair pieces is not recommended. Excessive heat and sunlight can damage a wig. If it is absolutely necessary to wear your wig during exercise a human hair wig would be better suited to handle the heat and perspiration. If a human hair wig is not an option, having an “exercise” wig should be considered.
How do I find out my head size?
You can measure your head for complete accuracy, however measuring is not always necessary. Most wigs come in average size which seems to work for most women. Some wigs are available in large and petite. The best way to find your size is to try them on and see which one is most comfortable.
What type of wigs look the most natural?
Human Hair wigs look and feel the most natural. Monofilament and lace front wigs give a very natural appearance. There is a style for everyone you just have to find the right one for you!
How do wigs stay on?
Depending on the type of wig there are many ways to secure it. A wig cap or wig gripper underneath the wig is designed for extra grip. Some wigs require extra security such as tape or glue.
Which wigs are the most comfortable?
Hand tied wigs will be the lightest and most breathable. We recommend trying on a variety of wigs to find the best one for your needs.
How do I take care of my wig or hair piece?
Proper care and storage is key to having your unit last. Wigs and toppers should be stored on a styrofoam mannequin or wig stand. The hair/ fiber should be able to fall free and your unit should be kept in an area free from dust and extreme temperatures. The care depends on the type of wig or hair piece that you own. Synthetic fiber requires the use of products designed specifIcally for them. Human hair products require the use of salon quality products for longevity.
I have hair can I still wear a wig?
Absolutely! Wigs are among many things, fun. You would just need to pull your biological hair up into a wig cap and slip the wig on and go.
What are some reasons women wear wigs?
Wigs are worn many many reasons. Some women wear wigs for necessity or for religious purposes and some women wear wigs as a preference. That’s the fun part about wigs. They are easy and get you ready in a flash!
What are some things to remember while shopping for wigs?
The most important thing to remember while wig shopping is that what works for one woman may not work for another. Everyone’s shape, size and style are different. Wigs are completely customizable and can be altered to meet your needs. Whether that means getting your wig a haircut, a thin out, a bang trim or sizing alteration. There are many places who offer this service.



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